A Morning Practice | Margot
Join Margot for an hour-long practice including standing and seated stretches, movement and stillness, energizing and calming work. A happy blend of yin and yang.

Ashtanga-based / Yin Yoga | Margot
Margot's classes draw on her near 25 years teaching experience, resulting in an eclectic blend of strengthening work (Ashtanga) with correct postural alignment (Iyengar). Breath work throughout the class leads to an increased awareness of the body/mind connection and prepares the student for deep relaxation.

Ashtanga-based Yoga | Paul
This class encompasses two styles of yoga that are perfectly complimentary to each other. The Ashtanga style is dynamic and muscular, promoting strength and flexibility, while the Yin style uses long held floor postures in a relaxed way to stretch and stimulate the connective tissues of the body. Doing the postures in this way promotes a deep release and relaxation. Appropriate for the experienced student and fit beginner.

Children's Yoga | Adrienne
This super fun and playful class encourages a child's vivid imagination while strengthening their growing muscles. We combine simple yoga poses with engaging stories, songs, musical instruments, and more! Children will also learn how to focus through relaxation and breathing techniques. Class is 45 minutes. For ages 3 to 6 years. To register contact Adrienne at abcyogis@gmail.com

End of Day Hatha Flow / Restorative | Silvana
This gentle to moderate class offers a practice in which to both release and restore, readying the mind and body for a restful sleep. The practice builds fullness and fluidity in the breath, flexibility and strength in the body, and awareness, focus and quiet in the mind. Conscious breath work and yoga philosophy are woven into detailed instruction on the postures – a balance of movement complementary to the time of day and deeply restorative poses supported by props. Open to all levels.

Gentle Wishpath Vinyasa Yoga | Meredith
Learn to live and move from centre with a gentle flow of standing poses followed by deep relaxation using bolsters and other props.

Hatha Flow | Silvana
Working with both Yin and Yang style movements, these Hatha Flow classes focus on restoring balance; they build fullness and fluidity in the breath, flexibility and strength in the body, and awareness, focus and quiet in the mind. Detailed instruction as well as hands on assistance will help students find ease and comfort in their movements, and will nurture a healthy practice. Pranayama (conscious breath work) and yoga philosophy are woven into the asana (postures) instruction. This is a G (45%) / M (45%) / V (10%) class, open to all levels.

Hatha / Therapeutic Yoga | Stephanie
This class is strengthening as well as healing. Creating space, stability, flexibility and restoration in the body as well as calming the mind and nervous system. Stephanie's classes are precise, with attention to detail of alignment, freedom of breath and hands-on adjustments to deepen your practise and understanding. Her knowledge of therapeutic yoga is shared and applied with all students to create ease in the body and to support health conditions. All levels welcome.

Hatha Yoga: Freeing and Strengthening | Kathy
This class will begin with relaxation, breathing and stretching to free and focus the body and mind in preparation for carrying that focus into core strengthening and traditional hatha yoga poses. Moving and connecting from the core, freeing the joints, developing awareness of personal alignment habits, underpin each class. This is a gentle to moderate practice open to all levels.

Kundalini Yoga | Claire
Kundalini Yoga is a fun, challenging, transformative practice that can help you become the person you want to be. It safely and progressively awakens the kundalini power, or dormant spiritual potential, within you. In a typical Kundalini Yoga class you will move, breathe, chant, sing, and meditate: you will have an experience of your Sat Nam, or true nature.

You need no previous yoga experience to come to Kundalini Yoga class. There aren't any levels, so beginners are always welcome. Your enthusiasm is much more important than any ideal of physical fitness!

Kundalini Yoga has ancient roots, and was not openly taught until 1969, when it was brought to the West by Yogi Bhajan. His mission was to train teachers who would share this practice with humanity in preparation for the times we are now living in. Kundalini Yoga is a powerful yet practical tool for people who have to cope with the daily challenges of raising families, holding jobs, and running businesses. It is not a religion, but a universal, nondenominational spiritual technology that anyone can benefit from. But don't take our word for it -- come to a class and experience it for yourself!

Meditation | Margot
Join us for a half hour of non-instructional meditation; a time of silence and rejuvenation in the midst of a busy life.

Mom and Baby Nia™ | Leslie
Fun, holistic fusion fitness and connection. Baby must be securely worn during class. This class is open to everybody with or without babies.

Parent & Child Yoga | Adrienne
Take some time to bond with your little yogi through playful poses, songs, stories, games, and a dash of relaxation!

This class is designed for children 3 to 6 years of age with a parent or other favourite grown up. Non walker siblings are welcome to join at no charge.

This class is sessional. To register or for further information contact Adrienne at abcyogis@gmail.com

Suntwine Awaken Yoga | Lisa
Join Lisa for an hour long class to help awaken the body with slow movements from one yoga pose to the next. The focus is always brought to the breath and how the body is feeling during each motion, like a moving meditation. The class culminates by focusing on the mind establishing a clear path for the rest of the day.

Suntwine Unwind Yoga | Lisa
This hour long class focuses on stretching the entire body, with gentle movements to prepare the body for rest. Final focus serves to relieve tension from the body using breath work and meditation at the end of class

Wishpath Parent & Baby Yoga | Meredith
The Parent and Baby Yoga classes offer exercises for both parent and baby, but will focus mainly on giving mom or dad a welcome opportunity to stretch, strengthen, relax and renew energy levels. For obvious reasons, it won't be the quietest yoga class you'll ever attend, but my hope is that it will offer you an opportunity to get out of the house, meet other parents and share something very special with your baby.

Moms, you will want to wait for about 4-6 weeks after the delivery of your baby or until your bleeding has stopped before attending class. If you had a caesarian delivery, this time should be extended to about 8-10 weeks, or until you receive the go-ahead from your doctor.

Dads, you are also welcome to join in if you are the one staying home and caring for baby.

There are no expectations for your baby to perform perfectly. You may need to stop and nurse or give a reassuring cuddle now and then. It sometimes takes a few classes for a baby to start to enjoy a new experience. You are welcome to bring any baby chairs, blankets, head-pillows or cushions on which you can lay your baby on or beside your yoga mat. The Yoga Collective has community blankets and mats as well.

Once your baby begins to actively crawl and move about (usually by 8 months), it may become much more difficult for you to fully participate in the class. If your baby is already at this stage, I do welcome you to come out and try the class to see if it will be something that you enjoy.

This class is sessional. Please contact Meredith Brown at 519.272.9679 to register.

Wishpath Prenatal Yoga | Meredith
This class helps mothers-to-be to connect with their bodies and babies in a way that builds confidence and intuition in preparation for birth and motherhood. Students learn safe stretches and breathing techniques to help support pregnancy and the birth process. Women find these classes to be invaluable to their physical and mental comfort and health during pregnancy. Prenatal yoga classes also offer a wonderful opportunity for women to come together and share information and friendship in this very special time of their lives. Many women come to yoga for the first time while pregnant. The class is suitable for both the new and experienced yogini. Pre-registration is required.

Wishpath Vinyasa Yoga | Meredith
Learn to live and move from centre in a practice where poses are fluidly connected, and both the mind and body stretched and strengthened.

Individual Yoga Instruction provides an opportunity to try yoga for the first time in a private setting. By working one-on-one with a qualified yoga teacher, it is possible to refine an established practice to ensure it is safe and meeting one’s needs. Individual instruction is offered by Meredith Brown (519.272.9679), Silvana Bruni (519.949.3506) and Stephanie Holliday (519.949.0807).