Adrienne is a certified children's yoga instructor and the founder of ABCyogis, a children's / family yoga company. She began her practice in New York City in 1998 after graduating from the North Carolina School of the Arts. She moved to Stratford in 2000 to join the acting company at the Stratford Festival. Adrienne was about to begin her 10th season at the Festival when her path took a slight curve and her first daughter was born. This forced Adrienne to adjust her personal yoga practice and share her mat. She was also inspired to share the power of yoga with more than just her own children. She draws greatly on her theatre background, and her love of being a mom, to create classes that are inspired, full of heart, playful, and have a sprinkle of serenity. Parent and child classes, storytime yoga, creative yoga camps, are a few of her offerings. For further information or to register email Adrienne at